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About us

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        Shandong Xufu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2007, is a high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales of environmental protection equipment, environmental engineering contracting, technical consultation and after-sales service. We specialize in flue gas and waste gas treatment in chemical, cement, metallurgy, ceramics, oil refining, glass, textile and other industries.

        The company is located in Xincheng Town, Huantai County, the hometown of Wang Yuyang, the leader of Chinese literary circles. It is adjacent to Binbo Expressway in the East and Jiqing Expressway in the south, with convenient transportation and superior location. The company has modern production workshops, professional processing equipment and automatic production lines, perfect testing technical means and product quality assurance system. The company adheres to the road of "scientific and technological innovation and people-oriented", continuously improves and innovates in environmental protection technology, and introduces a number of advanced technologies, which enhances the applicability and progressiveness of the process. It has a professional and high-quality design and construction team, as well as a large number of successful environmental protection engineering experience.

        The company always takes "efficiency - pragmatism - innovation - win-win" as the purpose, adheres to the service policy of "the quality you want is our pursuit", takes "protecting a blue sky and guarding a pure land" as its own responsibility, and strives to provide users with more economical, reasonable and perfect solutions.


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Desulfurization and denitration
Mainly engaged in dry desulfurization, denitration equipment, bag dust removal equipment, welcome to inquire!
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